5 Healthy Winter Habits to Stick to When You’ve Lost Motivation

If the dark days have stolen your get up and go try these helpful tips



Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

Have I mentioned I hate winter? I feel like I must mention it at least once a day for anyone who isn’t yet aware.

No one will ever change my mind on this — it’s cold, dark, miserable, did I mention cold? And don’t get me started on the never-ending questions on what I want for Christmas — to be in a warm climate preferably.

I’m convinced the people who love this season are lying to themselves and others. They are just trying to cope with the time of year. I’ll allow you your toxic positivity if that’s you but I’ll never believe you can actually prefer this snowy, icy hell to the mild springtime or fresh autumn (I have separate issues with summer which I won’t bore you with).

I honestly find it so hard to get motivated at this time of year for anything. I could happily hibernate and ignore three months of my life if I wouldn’t die or worse be kicked out of my house due to not paying rent. But I’m trying to find ways to get energised and enjoy this time of year as much as possible.

For all my fellow winter haters, thank you for not lying and pretending the cold weather is enjoyable. Also, you may find something to inspire you to get back on track.

I’m trying out these healthy winter habits to regain my long-lost motivation.

1. Don’t ignore your alarm clock
2. Get out in the daylight
3. Stretch and workout daily
4. Try warming foods
5. Embrace the season

Don’t ignore your alarm clock

Gosh it is so tempting to turn off your alarm and stay in the warm. I’m guilty of getting in a bad habit with this.

In the lighter summer months, I can easily be up at 5am doing yoga and starting my day. Now I’m struggling to get out of bed at all. The warmth is too tempting and the fact that it’s still dark outside makes you feel like it’s still night-time.

The problem with being a freelancer and not having a set routine is it’s too easy to stay in bed…




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