The toxic relationship we all need to break free from

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Who doesn’t love a good, light hearted competition between men and women. Women are apparently better at multi-tasking, men claim to be better drivers (although the jury’s out on that one).

One thing women are surpassing men in is experiencing anxiety.

People can’t afford to be sick and it’s another reason I prefer working from home

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In the UK people are being urged to avoid going into work whilst sick. Seems logical right? This is a great way to avoid people passing on colds, the flu or in the worst-case scenario Covid-19.

However, this seemingly common-sense idea is never going to work.

Toxic Workplaces Are the Issue

Back in March 2020…

The world is still unpredictable right now but there are ways to improve your life

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Anyone else remember when 2020 was going to be the Best Year Ever! And 2021 was supposed to be the year when everything got back to normal. Let’s just forget we all believed that and move on.

With many places in the world facing new lockdowns and extra restrictions it…


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