Apply for Those Jobs You Think Are Underqualified for

I got a job I didn’t think I could do —



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I’ve always hated job interviews, having to ‘sell yourself’ during that dreaded ‘tell us about yourself’ question is an introvert’s nightmare.

Even now with a postgraduate qualification and plenty of freelance experience I struggle to put myself forward for roles even if I have all the necessary qualifications. Research shows women especially are less likely to apply for jobs if they don’t have all the criteria so I’m not alone with this.

Self-doubt is one of the biggest issues in life that will hold you back from opportunities.

Recently I’ve been trying to break free of negative thought processes. I’m writing more because why shouldn’t what I have to say matter? I’m working towards my dream job because I deserve to do what I love as much as anyone else and I’m accepting opportunities rather than self-rejecting and assuming the worst possible outcome.

One example I have is I kept seeing a freelance editing job being advertised. I recently completed my Editing and Proofreading diploma and have freelance experience in this area. The role was in a very specific specialism and involved learning new software and using some coding skills. Whilst I had most of the experience there would also be a steep learning curve and I contemplated the job a few times but always talked myself out of it.

When the job role was advertised again I decided to just put in an application, expecting not to hear back. Then I got through to the next stage and did an editing test. Again, I completed it but was sure I wouldn’t hear back. Turns out I passed the test and now have the role.

I wonder how many jobs I have talked myself out of applying for that I would have got if I had felt brave enough to try.

Learning to not be afraid of rejection is the key to getting higher level roles. Not getting a job offer is not the worst thing in the world and you can learn something new from each experience. Updating your cover letter to new roles or doing a test and understanding the job a little more is valuable experience.

From now on I’m planning to apply for things that I think I have no chance in…




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