I Hate My Neighbours

Some people really just make an area worse



Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

We’re supposed to love our neighbours, but let’s face it, some people really did just claw their way out of hell to make your life worse.

I’ve been lucky in the past, I had a neighbour for many years who was a lovely person, the type of neighbour who becomes a friend. Unfortunately it seems she may have been one of a kind.

The area I am in is becoming progressively worse and it’s a shame. It’s not a very wealthy area but is there really any need for people to live up to the shameless stereotype?

Over time more and more nightmare neighbours are moving in and the area is becoming somewhere that feels less like home and more like a pit of despair I need to escape from.

Maybe it’s because I’m working from home that I notice everything going on in the area more but I find myself hating my neighbours more and more everyday.

I could spend all day listing the reasons why…

Benefits street is real and I live on it

I used to be out between the hours of 7am until 6pm, but when I started working from home in March 2020 I noticed something which I had suspected for a while. Nobody here works!

This was something I noticed previously on my rare days off. I didn’t see anyone else leaving for work, everyone was home all the time. The lockdown didn’t really change life for many people in my area. They were living the same life as before. It’s sad really but mostly annoying, why do I have to slave away at a job I don’t love when everyone else here is living the benefits street life?

I’m not one to judge, benefits are there for people who need them whilst they look for work. The problem is no-one near me seems to be looking, they are content to stay home all day, smoking weed and playing loud music. Ignorance is bliss as they say and I wasn’t around enough before to let it bother me but now it’s hard to explain to your manager that you can’t concentrate because the local drug dealers weed is a little too strong today.

How can people make so much noise




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