What I Learned Writing Every Day on Medium

Publishing 3 times a day was enlightening



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In December I randomly decided to do a writing challenge. In all honesty, I didn’t fully think it through. I forgot about the Christmas holidays, the fact that I have my classic last-minute present shopping to do and I also had to work.

However, I am glad I made the effort. I published 3 times per day, read loads of other writers’ work, and didn’t look at the stats for a whole month.

Spoiler alert I will not be sticking to this habit but it did teach me a lot. I’d recommend a writing challenge to anyone as it teaches you what you enjoy, what kind of writer you want to be, and how it feels to write every day.

I discovered a love of poetry

Writing whatever I wanted led to me writing Haiku poems. They were quick to write, helped me publish 3 times per day as I didn’t always have the time to write 3 articles and I enjoyed it.

When I started writing what I wanted I instinctively turned to poetry. It made me (re) discover this hobby.

Medium for me is not a source of income so I’m able to do what I want. There is real freedom on this site and my challenge made me realize I don’t have to write what everyone else seems to be writing (How much money you can earn writing on Medium). I can do what I want and connect with readers who enjoy what I like writing.

I also loved reading other people’s poetry and short stories. Many people complain about the lack of variety on this site but there is plenty of interesting work if you are willing to search for it.

I connected with other writers

This was my favourite part of the month. Reading and commenting on other people’s work has been a great way to chat with other writers and discover great work.

Medium really is what you make of it. There are plenty of people just here to make money but it’s clear not everyone is. Many great people make insightful and helpful comments and start a discussion.

If you want support as a writer it’s best to start supporting others first.

I’m re-thinking being a writer




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